We’re very happy to announce the Liquidity.Network,

In brief, we’ve designed and implemented a protocol which allows the operation of off-chain payment hubs that securely connect multiple users together under one umbrella, such that locked collateral is orders of magnitude more transferrable. Users may register with a hub to deposit, transfer and withdraw money with their off-chain accounts. Our protocol guarantees that the hub is unable to misappropriate user funds or otherwise steal from its clients.

Previously, we had designed REVIVE, a protocol for rebalancing off-chain payment channels. We intend to create a complete payment ecosystem whereby thousands of payment hubs that support tens of thousands of users each facilitate transactions and leverage the latest research to securely maintain a viable nano-transaction network.

Our plans for the Liquidity.Network include extensive merchant API support and multiple future applications, including an off-chain crypto-crypto exchange. First we plan to support a nano-transaction wallet for the Ethereum network, but over the course of time, we aim to add more blockchains and features as we develop our infrastructure.

We expect to announce an early bird sale within the next few weeks for interested corporate users. The hub model we have created includes transaction fees, capped by the normal on-chain transaction fees, in order to support the operation of the hubs. Participants in our early bird sale will receive a discount on their transaction fees proportional to the amount of funds committed during this phase.

Our mission is to make crypto spendable. Stay tuned for more updates!


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