Launching Liquidity SDK at ETH San Francisco

And some ideas on how to make the most of it

Liquidity SDK is live!

The anticipation for ETH San Francisco is gaining momentum at Liquidity HQ and we can’t wait any longer to announce the launch of our SDK 🚀

Some of the features developers can find in Liquidity’s SDK are full wallet management, invoice generation, and checks to ensure that the hub can be trusted. Moreover, with the integration of the SDK seamless off-chain transactions are facilitated and blockchain powered applications are liquidity enabled.

It’s now time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with off-chain payments with Liquidity under https://liquidity

Use cases

There are multiple applications for our network of payment hubs, but some of the most important apply to IoT and machine to machine payments, pay per view, gaming, digital goods and recurring payments, rental services, merchandise and blockchain applications and wallet providers.

The following bounty ideas are a few suggestions of great things you could be working on, but we don’t want to limit your imagination! We also want your ideas on all the use cases we haven’t thought about.

Off chain hub explorer

Etherscan created history by being the first to allow users to explore the Ethereum blockchain. You can be the first to build a platform which enables users to visualize off chain transactions. Write a hub explorer for off chain transactions similar to how Etherscan visualizes on chain transactions. We’ve been dreaming of an intuitive user face and a viable working solution and would be excited to see it brought to life.

Donation platform

Recurring payments are a great use case for Liquidity Network. Let’s apply the tech to something meaningful and build a donation platform which supports off chain payments! Ideas include creating a front-end solution or a button to be integrated into websites such as Wikipedia or a charity organization. Other ideas from the team include developing a browser widget or mobile app integration.

E-commerce integration

Businesses may be willing to accept crypto and the people may want to purchase products with their digital assets. However, integration has long been perceived as being too complicated. Now is the opportunity to work on fee-less transactions, go for it! No more complicated, expensive credit card transactions — pay your online retailer instantly and for free. For example — by using a QR code directly with your Liquidity wallet app.


Pay for subscriptions, buy munitions, draw, shoot, fly — use crypto payments to unleash a world of possibilities within a digital game. You can decide to integrate it with the Liquidity wallet or to create an in-game button for recurring desktop payments.

Social Media

If you are inspired by the idea of rewarding good quality content not limited to reputation scores similar to Reddit but also with monetary means, as Steemit do, this can now be achieved very simply. Reward each “tweet” or “peep” (yes, we like Peepeth) with an instant off-chain transaction.

The Judgement Criteria

  • Quality of execution — turning an idea into a product is not an easy process, we recommend you stay focused and be realistic about what you want to build. For us, having a working proof of concept is important.
  • Viable and functional — a product should always be built with the final user in mind. For this reason, we will consider a project to be successful when it shows a simple to use structure. We like clean, straightforward and concrete projects and designs.

Reward 🏆

The best project will win 3000 LQD (currently 1’830 USD) followed by 2500 LQD (currently 1’525) for second and third place.

A special bounty of 4000 LQD (currently 2’440 USD) will be given to the best off-chain explorer.

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.


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