Announcing the #2 Community Competition Winner

Such pretty locations!

Over the past week many of you have let us know where in the world you are by entering the Liquidity Network #2 Community Competition. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and giving us an insight to the worldwide reach of Liquidity Network. We have been amazed and fascinated by the diversity of our community. The Liquidity team have excitedly viewed all submissions and now chosen their top ten winners!

#2 Community Competition

The winners!

The #2LiquidityWinner is @0_Bart_0 with a picture from the Netherlands

2nd place @muek_sentino

3rd Place is @yuanonn21.

Top ten conclusion as below –

(Switzerland) @yanayprop

(Thailand) @i_ParPon

(Hongkong) @lifenavigation

(Russia) @LeninS17745744

(Taiwan) @t1213121okok

(Japan) @FranzFortes

(Singapore) @MrPeriklis

Congratulations to @0_Bart_0, @muek_sentino and @yuanonn21 — you will receive 1000 LQD, 600 LQD and 400 LQD respectively. The rest of the finalists will be rewarded with 200 LQD each.

Taking a picture of your location with our app has been an exciting way for us to get to know our community a little better. We appreciate all of your efforts in spreading the word about the power of off-chain payments and the endless possibilities for dApps to utilize Liquidity’s instant off-chain transactions.

We hope you enjoyed the #2 Community Competition please stay up to date on our community announcements by following us on Twitter and Telegram.

The Liquidity App can be downloaded from:

Android App:

iOS App:

For questions please join us on Telegram


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