The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business — Issue 7

Issue 7 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 16th November 2018. 中文版。

Dear Community,

Welcome to the 7th issue of the Liquidity Network newsletter, this fortnight includes important updates encompassing all areas of the business. Over the past two weeks, the team has been incredibly busy attending events and conferences showcasing Liquidity’s capabilities and promoting our SDK to fellow developers. We have also been working on expanding our partnerships with exchanges and are now listed on the UEX Exchange.

Devcon being possibly the most important event of the year was a highlight for the team, here we engaged with other projects to truly understand their scaling issues and where Liquidity Network could be a potentially effective solution. We undertook short 5 minute interviews with some of the most promising Ethereum projects. The footage of these interviews will shortly be available on our Youtube channel please keep up to date on our releases and announcements by following us on Twitter and Telegram.

After participating at many events during Prague Blockchain week we then hosted our own alongside FBG Capital. The event took place at the Bitcoin Caffe in Paralelni Polis, where we continued the scaling and Layer 2 discussion, the event was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended and our co-hosts FBG Capital.

November continued to be incredibly busy and the next event on the agenda was the world famous Web Summit. 70,000 people from all over the world descended on Lisbon to experience the newest tech solutions currently being showcased. Liquidity Network took part in the beta startup programme where we discussed and exhibited the project to a receptive crowd with positive results.

The last fortnight has also seen our #2 Community Competition launched and concluded we asked the community to let us know where in the world they were? The response was amazing we received pictures from all over the world including Asia, Europe, and Russia. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and giving us an insight into the worldwide reach of Liquidity Network. We are amazed and fascinated by the diversity of our community.

Our SDK continues to be a focus for the team, challenges are still ongoing and we ask developers to build using our technology. To promote this initiative even further we will be sponsoring and mentoring at the Future of Blockchain a three month hackathon for developers organised in association with the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial, LSE, UCL and King’s College London. Events will take place in Cambridge on the 21st November, Oxford on the 22nd November and London on the 23rd of November. If you are interested in working with our SDK please attend one of these events or alternatively reach out to us on our dedicated developer Telegram.

We thank you for all of your participation this fortnight. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out we will always make time to answer any questions posed by the community.

Arthur and the Liquidity Network Team

Community Update

November 7th — 14th

  • Created the Liquidity daemon as part of our SDKtoolset it is a convenient way to interact programmatically with liquidity network hubs, using a self-hosted docker container, exposing a simple REST API to perform various wallet operations. Please continue to send us your feedback try our dedicated developer Telegramgroup.
  • Liquidity Network test hub is now successfully running and RPC endpoints have been added. For more information please use our dedicated developer Telegramgroup.
  • A monitoring dashboard has been created and is currently being tested.
  • Achievement Networkhas a new interface this will improve the overall UX and UI experience for the user.

November 1st — 7th

  • The design of Achievement Networkis being updated. Improvements are being made to the user experience in order to make the tutorial more streamline.
  • Improving our developer UX/UI for the SDK. Please continue to send us your feedback try our dedicated developer Telegramgroup the API endpoints have been modified to be REST compliant.
  • Attended the Web Summit as part of the beta startup programme. Exhibited and discussed Liquidity as a Layer2 solution and its ability to solve scaling problems for many blockchain projects.

Events and Conferences

  • Future of blockchain, Cambridge 21st November
  • Future of blockchain, Oxford 22nd November
  • Future of blockchain, London 23rd November

We are hiring!

Do you want to be part of the global Liquidity.Network team and shape the future of crypto payments? We are looking for:

  • Business Developers
  • Growth Marketers

Send us your application at with a CV and few lines why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network.

For questions please join us on Telegram

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流动性.网络(Liquidity Network)在开发,市场营销和商业方面的更新


歡迎閱讀第7期Liquidity Network電子期刊,這兩周包含了涵蓋業務所有領域的重要更新。在過去兩周內,團隊一直忙於參加各種活動和會議,展示Liquidity的能力和向同行開發人員推廣我們的SDK。我們也在繼續擴大我們與交易所合作夥伴,並且現在已經在UEX交易所上市。

Devcon可能是今年最重要的活動,是團隊的亮點。在此,我們與其他項目合作,以真正了解它們的擴容問題以及Liquidity Network可能作為一個潛在的有效解決措施。我們與一些最有前途的以太坊項目進行了短暫的5分鐘訪談。這些訪談的影片不久將可以在我們的Youtube頻道觀看,請關注我們的推特Telegram,了解我們最新發佈的信息和公告。

在布拉格區塊鏈(Future of Blockchain)會議周參加很多活動之後,我們與FBG Capital一起舉辦了我們自己的活動。這個活動在Paralelni Polis的比特幣咖啡館舉行,我們繼續進行擴容和Layer 2討論。這個活動取得了巨大的成功,並且我們想感謝所有參加活動的人以及我們的聯合主辦方FBG Capital。

11月份我們仍然十分忙碌,接下來的行程活動是世界著名的網路峰會。來自世界各地的70,000人匯聚在里斯本,體驗在現場展現的最新的技術解決方案。Liquidity Network參與了測試版啟動計劃,在該計劃中,我們討論並向支持者們展示了該項目,並取得了可喜的成果。

過去的兩周,我們還舉行和完成了第2期社區競賽,我們讓社區成員們告訴我們他們在世界的什麼地方?響應很不可思議,我們收到了來自全世界各地的照片,包括亞洲、歐洲和俄羅斯。非常感謝社區成員們花時間參加這次活動,讓我們了解到Liquidity Network遍佈全世界。我們社區成員的多樣性讓我們驚訝不已和深深著迷。

我們的SDK仍然是焦點,因為團隊挑戰還在進行中,並且我們要求開發人員用我們的技術建立。為了進一步推動這一舉措,我們將在區塊鏈的未來(Future of Blockchain)峰會上與劍橋大學、牛津大學、帝國大學、倫敦政治經濟學院、倫敦大學學院和倫敦大學國王學院聯合為開發人員發起和指導為期三個月的黑客馬拉松。這項活動將與11月21日在劍橋、11月22日在牛津以及11月23日在倫敦開展。如果您有興趣與使用我們的SDK進行工作,請參加其中一個活動,或者通過我們開發人員專屬Telegram聯繫我們。


Arthur和Liquidity Network團隊


11月7日 — 14日

  • 創建了Liquidity守護進程作為SDK工具包的一部分,讓其成為一種使用自託管docker容器以編程方式與liquidity network集線器進行交互的便捷方式,展現出一個簡單的REST API來執行各種錢包操作。請通過我們的開發人員專屬Telegram群繼續向我們寄送您的反饋。
  • 試驗集線器目前成功運行,並且已經增加了RPC終點。了解更多信息,請使用我們的開發人員專屬Telegram群。
  • 創建了一個檢測儀錶盤,目前正在對其進行試驗。
  • Achievement Network有一個新界面,將為用戶改進整體UX和UI體驗。

11月1日 — 7日

  • 正在更新Achievement Network的設計。對用戶體驗進行改進,從而使教程更流暢。
  • SDK改進我們的開發人員的UX/UI。請通過我們的開發人員專屬Telegram群繼續向我們寄送您的反饋。將API終點進行變更,使其符合REST。
  • 作為測試啟動計劃的一部分參加網路峰會。展示和討論了將Liquidity作為Layer 2解決方案,以及解決很多區塊鏈項目擴容問題的能力。


  • Future of blockchain, Cambridge 11月21日
  • Future of blockchain, Oxford 11月22日
  • Future of blockchain, London 11月23日



  • 商业发展
  • 成长营销者




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