Mainnet Service Level Agreement Guide

After having released our LQD token, and an unrestricted mainnet on, we would like to share how to make use of the LQD to benefit from unlimited off-chain transactions.

Our mainnet restricts an address to do 100 transactions within 36 hours. By purchasing a service level agreement (SLA) of a value of 1 LQD, this limit is lifted. The SLA is purchased within an off-chain LQD transfer.

Current Prerequisites:

  1. Your wallet must have some Ether to pay for transaction fees
  2. Your wallet must have at least 1 LQD token to pay for 1-month SLA
  3. Metamask is required to work on web wallet.
  4. While purchasing an SLA, please set your Metamask to Ethereum Mainnet
Go to This is home screen for a new user, no wallet is added
Click on the + button, it will ask you to unlock your ETH wallet using Metamask

After unlocking with Metamask, you will have options to choose either ETH or LQD on Ethereum Mainnet or Rinkeby Testnet.

Ethereum Mainnet:

  • ETH: 0x46a1657f132030476496112126Be35384bdDDDAD 
  • LQD: 0xD29F0b5b3F50b07Fe9a9511F7d86F4f4bAc3f8c4

Rinkeby Testnet

  • ETH: 0x140D29486BABCbD57C63edCCCbf2EC92ffBfEc7c
  • LQD: 0xA9F86DD014C001Acd72d5b25831f94FaCfb48717
For SLA purchase, you have to choose Ethereum Mainnet and select LQD address 0xD29…3f8c4
Now the wallet has been added and can be opened
A wallet is opened but not yet registered
Off-chain registration requires the user to sign an off-chain message
Now the wallet is registered and can be ready to be used
Click on “Allow Token Deposits” to generally allow tokens to be deposited, which will require to sign a transaction. Once this transaction is approved, you will see Deposit button appear on your screen
Click on Deposit to convert on-chain LQD to off-chain Liquid LQD (which will be used to pay for SLA later)
Convert 1 LQD to 1 Liquid LQD which will require to sign a transaction
After at least 60 confirmations, your 1 Liquid LQD will be appeared on your wallet. The default unit shown on wallet is 10^-18 so you will see number 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 for 1 Liquid LQD
Click on Purchase to buy 1 month SLA then click Pay to complete the purchase, you will be asked to sign 2 Metamask messages
Done! Your SLA has been purchased successfully (Please click refresh your screen if this screen is not shown automatically)

Now, you can experience an unlimited number of off-chain transactions for 1 month. Enjoy transacting! We’re excited to have a mainnet version of our software ready, where our token already is usable and fully functional.

For questions please join us on Telegram

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.


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