The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business - Issue 8

Issue 8 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 30th November 2018. 中文版。

Dear Community,

This fortnight we bring you the 8th edition of the Liquidity Network newsletter and will cover technical, marketing and community progress from the past two weeks. As the festive period approaches the focus for the team is to build and improve the overall user experience for all Liquidity products across the ecosystem.

Much work is being completed on our SDK to enable fellow developers to build easily and more effectively using Liquidity’s technology. Updates include the creation of the Liquidity daemon as part of our SDK toolset allowing users to interact programmatically with liquidity network hubs, and improvement of the hub and client’s performance towards near real-time transaction speeds.

A new interface for Achievement.Network is being completed in conjunction with the adoption of the platform by universities such as the Luzern Hochschule who will be using the Achievement.Network decentralised education platform to aid students learning solidity.

Building and development efforts are aligned with marketing and community initiatives and last week the team attended three events to launch of the Future of Blockchain competition. The competition is a 3 month hackathon for developers and entrepreneurs, events were held at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and King’s College London.

Being sponsors of the event Liquidity pitched NOCUST and the challenges we propose, the team then answered questions at the Liquidity booth. Attendance and interest were far beyond expectation and we would like to thank Future of Blockchain for organising a spectacular week.

The last fortnight has also seen our #3 Community Competition launch where we asked the community to let us know what they think about Liquidity? The competition is based on Facebook and thus far the response has been great. Please get involved and let us know what you think about us. We are also now active on Reddit please subscribe for updates.

As aforementioned, our SDK is a key focus for the team, various challenges are ongoing and we are continually supporting interested developers, please ask any questions at our dedicated developer Telegram.

The community continues to be the epicenter of our project and we want you to be involved every step of the way. Reach out, ask questions, and engage on Twitter or Telegram let us know how you feel. We truly value your opinions, thank you for your support!  

Arthur and the Liquidity Network Team

Community Update

November 23rd – 30th

  • New endpoints are being worked on to improve the hub and client’s performance towards near real time transaction speeds, the updates are oriented towards making the developer experience much more efficient; enabling businesses to easily build systems on top of liquidity.
  • Liquidity Network sponsored the Future of Blockchain competition and pitched Liquidity’s NOCUST technology at the launch events. Please see the challenges offered here.

November 15th – 22nd

  • Liquidity daemon was integrated to become part of the SDK toolset enabling developers easy interaction with liquidity network hubs. Please send us your feedback at our dedicated developer Telegram group.
  • Improvements to the Achievement Network interface continue, the aim being a seamless user experience.

Events and Conferences

  • Future of blockchain, Ongoing.

We are hiring!

Do you want to be part of the global Liquidity.Network team and shape the future of crypto payments? We are looking for:

  • Business Developers
  • Growth Marketers

Send us your application at with a CV and few lines why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network.

For questions please join us on Telegram

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DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

流动性.网络(Liquidity Network)在开发,市场营销和商业方面的更新


接下來兩週,我們將為您提供第8版Liquidity Network的新聞,內容將涵蓋過去兩週的技術,營銷和社區進展。隨著假期臨近,團隊的重點是建立和改善整個生態系統中所有Liquidity產品的整體用戶體驗。




作為此次活動的讚助商,Liquidity投入了NOCUST并許諾了挑戰 ,然後團隊在Liquidity展位回答了問題。出席和感興趣的人數遠遠超出預期,我們要感謝區塊鏈未來組織了一周偉大的活動。

過去兩週還啟動了我們的#3 社區競賽發布會,我們請社區告訴我們,他們對Liquidity有什麼看法?這個比賽在Facebook上舉行 ,到目前為止反應非常好。請加入我們,讓我們知道您對我們的看法。我們現在也在Reddit活躍,請訂閱更新。



Arthur和Liquidity Network團隊



  • 正在開發新終端以改善集線器和客戶端的性能,使其接近實時交易速度,更新的目的是使開發者獲得更高效的體驗;使企業能夠在流動性的基礎上輕鬆構建系統。
  • Liquidity Network贊助了區塊鏈未來比賽並在發布會上推出了Liquidity的NOCUST技術。請在這裡查看提出的挑戰。


  • Liquidity後台程序被集成作為SDK工具集的一部分,使開發者能夠輕鬆地與流動性網絡集線器進行交互。請在我們專門的開發者電報小組將您的反饋發送給我們。
  • Achievement Network界面的改進仍在繼續,目標是實現無縫用戶體驗。


  • Future of blockchain, ongoing.



  • 商业发展
  • 成长营销者




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