The Liquidity Network Tech Road Map and update on development, marketing and business – Issue 10

Issue 10 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 28th January 2018. 中文版。

Dear Liquidity Community

Liquidity Network is spearheading efforts by Layer two solutions to solve blockchain scalability the mass adoption of non-custodial services. In this newsletter the first of 2019 we share our Tech Road map for the months to come and clearly describe how we aim to achieve these goals.

2019 is gearing up to be a groundbreaking year for Liquidity Network, we are on a mission to bring transfers and swaps of digital assets at an enterprise scale to a global audience.

Collaboratively we have developed a clear strategy to our overall mission. The following tech road map helps us all perform to the best of our ability and create an environment for success.

Tech Road Map Ahead

March 2019:

  A) New main net hub

  B) Passive accepts

  C) Mobile app V2

  D) Liquidity NOCUST Client

A) New mainnet hub

A new version of the payment hub smart contracts are currently being developed. Improvements include optimizations, gas efficiency, and stricter security verifications. More importantly, the new contracts include ingenious features that lay the foundations for the upcoming liquidity DEX, namely:

  • Support for deposits and withdrawals of ERC-20 tokens 🔥
  • Off-chain non-custodial transfers of ERC-20 😎
  • Off-chain non-custodial ERC-20 token swaps 🎉🎉
  • Passive accept! (more on it below) 😍

Over the last months we have worked hard on improving the stability and reliability of the NOCUST server operating the smart contract. We now have a solid back-end and can commit to a very high uptime going forward. In regards to performance, the server is now capable of processing and confirming off-chain transfers in less than a second.

“We successfully ran a large scale testbench with more than 100’000 users executing transfers on the payment hub.”

The new payment hub will again be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and like before will be open to use by anyone wishing to transact crypto at zero fees. In addition to this deployment we plan to roll-out the mobile app v2 and nocust client library for developers to integrate the NOCUST hubs.

B) Passive Accepts 🔥

We have accomplished major new improvements for the NOCUST hubs. Currently hubs require recipients of transfers to be online and to sign a message to receive an off-chain transfer. In March we plan to introduce an upgrade to the protocol to allow passive accepts. This means that no specific actions are required from the recipient in order to receive a transfer. They will not be required to be online making the experience much smoother, it is a considerable advantage over payment channels.

“For the first time in the history of off-chain crypto payment channels, the recipient no longer needs to be online to receive a payment”

C) Mobile app v2

The mobile app v2 will be released in March. We revamped our mobile wallet with fresh designs and a cool new look. The most innovative update is the support of ERC-20 tokens on-chain AND off-chain. We are pioneering user experience for layer 2, therefore we are constantly experimenting with new and creative ideas.

We chose to integrate an off-chain token account similarly to on-chain account. This means that off-chain accounts look similar to an additional ERC-20 token in your wallet.

To add even more security, users can now initiate challenges with the hub, if the wallet deems that the hub is unsafe to be used, or if the hub has entered into recovery (was shut down).

D) Liquidity NOCUST client

The NOCUST client library is designed to replace the current liquidity SDK. The NOCUST library is a standalone Javascript library written in Typescript that is available under npm:

npm install nocust-client

When designing the library, we focussed on improving the developer experience. Its simplicity allows users to integrate a NOCUST hub and execute a payment in less than 10 lines of code. It is well documented with guides and tutorials accessible to any developer even those with minimum experience in javascript. We are leading the way in providing a smooth developer experience for Layer 2. A work in progress documentation of the library is available under

“Less than 10 lines of code allow you to perform off-chain transfers with the new nocust-client”

April 2019:

A) DEX Testnet

The release date for new DEX UI on the testnet has been set for April. Currently our DEX ( offers the following:

  • Payments for listed tokens
  • Swap between a certain set of tokens
  • Semi-complicated UI

The updated DEX for testnet will include the following improvements

  • New professional UI
  • Off-chain and instant loading of your DEX wallet
  • Worldwide first off-chain trading capabilities
  • Limit orders that can last as long as the trader wants
  • Order book overview
  • Trading history
  • Payment facilitation for more ERC20 (DAI, SNT, …)

A sneak peak of our upcoming Off-Chain DEX can be found here:

May 2019:

A) DEX mainnet

After its testnet release in April the DEX is planned to be released onto the mainnet in May. We’re very excited about the first tokens that will be listed therein!


Other updates across the business see a busy year ahead for the team, marketing and development efforts continue at full speed. Organising events and preparing to participate at various hackathons and conferences are constantly ongoing. This month we see the first part of the future of blockchain conclude and we now know the confirmed teams.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out on telegram or twitter. We look forward to the challenges and celebrations 2019 is sure to bring and appreciate you alongside us!  

Arthur and the Liquidity Team

Community Update

January 18th – 25th

  • Published the NOCUST library on npm – NOCUST client Library is in development and designed to replace the current liquidity SDKmaking it even easier for developers of all levels to integrate a NOCUST hub.
  • Testing carried out on the new features for the Mobile app V2. Bugs and inconsistencies found and fixed.
  • We successfully ran a large scale testbench with more than 100’000 users executing transfers on the new payment hub currently being developed.
  • Arthur has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming ETHCC event in Paris.

January 7th – 18th

  • Deadline for the Future of Blockchain competition is on 20th Jan. We have had lots of interest from developers to build with Liquidity Network using our SDKthe team good luck to all those taking part.
  • Arthur presents ‘Off-blockchain transactions’ for fun and for profit’ at the WorldWebForum in Zurich

January 1st – 7th

  • Two hub explorers have now been released. They have been built using the NOCUST server interface and are now live. They will help our users to gain an insight into what’s going on with the hub more information can be found at
  • Improvements to the SDKand more information regarding its use has been created.  

Events and Conferences

We are hiring!

Do you want to be part of the global Liquidity.Networkteam and shape the future of crypto payments? We are looking for:

  • Core Infrastructure developer (Python, Typescript)
  • Blockchain Engineer (Typescript, Solidity) 

Send us your application at with a CV and few lines why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network.

For questions please join us on Telegram

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DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product.  Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

流动性.网络(Liquidity Network)在开发,市场营销和商业方面的更新


流动网络正在引领Layer 2解决方案努力解决区块链在大规模采用非托管服务时的可扩展性问题。在这份2019年的第一期社区更新中,我们分享了未来几个月的技术路线图,并清楚地描述了我们如何实现这些目标。





  A) 全新的主网枢纽

  B) 被动接受

  C) 移动设备app v2版本

  D) 流动网络 NOCUST 客户端

A) 全新的主网枢纽


  • 支持充值和提取ERC-20代币 🔥
  • ERC-20 代币非托管的链下转账 😎
  • ERC-20代币非托管的链下交易 🎉🎉
  • 被动接受! (更多信息如下) 😍



新的支付枢纽将再次部署在以太坊主网上,并且像以前一样,任何希望免费转账和交易加密货币的人都可以使用。除此部署外,我们计划推出移动设备app v2版本和nocust客户端库,供开发人员集成NOCUST 枢纽。

B) 被动接受🔥



C) 移动设备app v2版本

移动设备app v2版将于今年3月份发布。我们以新颖的设计和酷炫的外观改造了我们的手机钱包。最具创新性的更新是ERC-20代币链上和链下的支持。我们正在为layer 2开创用户体验,因此我们不断尝试新的创意。



D) NOCUST 客户端库


npm install locust-client

在设计库时,我们专注于改善开发人员体验。它的简单性允许用户集成NOCUST枢纽并在不到10行代码中执行支付。任何开发人员都可以访问指南和教程,即使是那些javascript经验最少的人也可以使用。我们在为开发人员提供流畅的Layer 2开发体验方面处于领先地位。可以在以下链接找到该库的工作进展文档。 

“新的 NOCUST 客户端允许用少于10行代码执行链下转账传输”


A) 测试网的去中心化交易所


  • 已上线代币的交易
  • 一组代币之间的交换
  • 半复杂的UI


  • 全新的专业UI
  • 链下和即时载入您的DEX钱包
  • 全球首个链下交易能力
  • 限价单可随交易者意愿持续挂载
  • 委托详情
  • 交易历史
  • 为更多ERC20代币提供交易便利 (DAI, SNT, …)



A) 主网的去中心化交易所









  • 商业发展
  • 成长营销者 


免责声明:提及的时间表和路线图具体可能会有所变化。请查看我在 上的官方信息,并订阅我们的电子邮件更新。上传有一定延迟。此消息不是对流动网络,任何加密货币或投资产品的认可或推荐。本信息中包含的任何意见均不构成创作者或参与者购买或出售任何证券或其他金融工具或提供任何投资建议或服务的邀请或要约。

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