The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing, and business – Issue 11

Dear Liquidity Community,

As we reach the end of the first quarter of the year, the updates become increasingly exciting. This newsletter will continue with the same rhetoric as the last newsletter on tech roadmap and focus on the tech advancements of Liquidity Network. Also included will be an overview of business development and marketing efforts.

Full efforts of the team are applied to product development. The team places enormous importance delivering on commitments made to strengthen the trust with you our community. March will be a hectic month for releases where we will see a new mainnet hub, mobile app V2, passive delivery and new Liquidity NOCUST client.

Tech Updates

The new mainnet hub with crucial updates to the smart contract including stricter security verifications, improved gas efficiency, and optimizations. Most excitingly new features added which will be the architecture of our TEX (Trustless Exchange) include:

  • Support for deposits and withdraw of ERC-20 tokens
  • Off-chain non-custodial transfers of ERC-20
  • Off-chain non-custodial ERC-20 token swaps
  • Passive delivery  

All of which are considerable advancements in the capabilities of Layer 2 solutions. This year the team is ready to push the possibilities of the state of the art.

The mobile app V2 also due to be released in March include features:

  • Improved UX and UI making the experience for the user exponentially better and more accessible.
  • Support for ERC-20 tokens on-chain AND off-chain. Users can now send their tokens to any other hub member instantly and for free resulting in smooth and secure transactions for all token holders.

The possibilities for the use of the Liquidity mobile app V2 are limitless along with the solutions to problems it provides. For more information about our upcoming tech releases reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram with your questions.

Events & Conferences

At the beginning of February, we took the opportunity to present Achievement.Network at the 10-week blockchain development boot camp organized by Work on Blockchain in association with Kings College London. If you would like to learn more about how smart contract programming, please see for more information here.

At the end of Feb, Guillaume, our COO, joined an AMA with Unitimes. Recap of this AMA can be found in English and Chinese.

As the technological advancements of Liquidity Network continue so does our mission to help catalyze mass adoption of crypto. At beginning of March, the team traveled to Paris to speak at and sponsor the Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) which takes place at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March. Organizer ASSETH brings us the second edition of a series of conferences and workshops which aim to strengthen the international Ethereum community. The conference was part of Paris blockchain week. Ar this event, Arthur presented NOCUST and Thibault talked about TEX, our trustless exchange. Please click here for Arthur’s presentation and here for Thibault’s one.

Bitmart LQD Listing

Behind the scenes, we are continuously pushing for exchange listings, combined with the clarification of SLA’s and the overall token economics. We remain committed to bringing about the inclusion of the LQD token on the most legitimate exchanges. As such, we are pleased to announce the listing on Bitmart commencing on the 19th February.

Coming events and conferences

The first Liquidity Asia meetup will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 26th of March. Registration is free. Our second location in Asia roadshow will be Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 28th March. Join us!

The highlight for the crypto events in April will be EDCON at Sydney from 8-14 April. Guillaume, our COO, will present NOCUST. We’re looking forward to meeting our community members over there.

At the beginning of April, we will also have an AMA with Asia Blockchain Review, the leading crypto media platform in Asia. More details will be announced soon!

We are hiring!

Are you excited to shape the future of non-custodial payments and exchanges? We are looking for:

  • Core Infrastructure developer (Python, Typescript)
  • Blockchain Engineer (Typescript, Solidity)

Send us your application at with a CV and a few lines why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network.

Thank you for your continued support, rest assured that your input and suggestions are always welcome. Follow us to participate in our upcoming launches and competitions. Exciting times ahead!!

Arthur and the Liquidity Team

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product.  Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

流动网络(Liquidity Network)在开发,市场营销和商业方面的更新 – 第11期



我们团队正全力以赴致力于产品开发。团队非常重视履行承诺,以加强与社区之间的信任。三月将是一个繁忙的月份,我们将看到一个新的主网支付枢纽,移动设备App V2,被动交付和新的流动网络NOCUST客户端


新的主网支付枢纽对智能合约进行了重要更新,包括更严格的安全验证,更高的gas效率和系统优化升级。 最令人兴奋的新功能是TEX(去信任交易所)的架构,包括:

  • 支持ERC-20代币的充值和提现
  • ERC-20的链下非托管式转账
  • ERC-20的链下非托管式交易
  • 被动交付


移动设备App V2也将于3月发布,其中包括以下功能:

  • 改进后的UX和用户界面使得用户体验呈指数级提升,更易于访问。
  • 支持ERC-20代币链上功能和链下功能。用户现在能够免费将他的代币即时转账给任何支付枢纽成员,从而为所有代币持有者提供顺畅和安全的交易。

使用Liquidity移动设备App V2 有着无限的可能性,以及它提供的问题的解决方案也是不受限制的。获取有关我们即将发布的技术新闻的更多信息,请通过Twitter或Telegram与我们联系。




流动网络的技术进步在继续推进,我们帮助催化大量采用加密货币技术的使命也在继续。三月初,我们的团队前往到巴黎,在国家艺术与艺术博物馆5-7日举行的Ethereum社区会议(ETHCC)上发表演讲并提供赞助。感谢大会的组织者ASSETH的帮助,在一系列旨在加强国际以太坊社区的会议和研讨会中,团队发表了精彩的演讲,这次会议是巴黎区块链周的一部分, Arthur 和 Thibault 分别向参会人员演示了NOCUST TEX, 以及我们的非托管交换,请点击此处查看Arthur的演示文稿,并点击此处查看Thibault的演示文稿。




首届亚洲流动网络路演将于3月26日在泰国曼谷举行,注册是免费的。我们在亚洲的第二站路演将于3月28日在越南胡志明市举行。请大家加入我们吧!今年4月的活动亮点将是4月8日至14日在悉尼举行的EDCON大会。我们的COO Guillaume将介绍NOCUST。我们期待着与那边的社区成员见面。四月初,我们还将与亚洲领先的加密媒体平台——亚洲区块链Review联合举办AMA。更多详情将于近期公布!



  • 核心基础设施开发人员(Python, Typescript)
  • 区块链工程师((Python, Typescript)


感谢您一直以来的支持,请放心,我们随时欢迎您的意见和建议。跟随我们参加我们即将推出的游戏和比赛。激动人心的时刻提前! !


免责声明:提及的时间表和路线图具体可能会有所变化。请查看我在 上的官方信息,并订阅我们的电子邮件更新。上传有一定延迟。此消息不是对流动网络,任何加密货币或投资产品的认可或推荐。本信息中包含的任何意见均不构成创作者或参与者购买或出售任何证券或其他金融工具或提供任何投资建议或服务的邀请或要约。

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