Liquidity Network – Smart Contract Open Source

What is Liquidity Network? Liquidity Network is a 2nd layer solution, built upon the NOCUST protocol, a scalably secure commit-chain. A commit-chain is similar to a side-chain, but doesn’t require an additional consensus mechanism and solely relies on the security of its parent-chain.


Since the beginning of this fantastic project, one of the most asked questions that we have received over our Telegram community is “When is Liquidity Network going open source?” We told you we would gradually release our code. After one and a half years of non-stop work of brilliant developers, today marks a significant milestone in the history of Liquidity Network when our smart contract is open-sourced. The release of our source code reinforces our spirit of community orientation, along with our open and detailed specification of NOCUST and TEX. We believe in integrity-by-collaboration, which we know has extraordinary value to our community and the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Given this event, we would like to express our gratitude to our Liquidity community and friends. Without your constant pushing, we wouldn’t have made this milestone in that short amount of time. We’re incredibly grateful for your unconditional support. So thank you!

The code

The smart contract can be found at

Detect a bug?

Whenever you find any bugs or errors, please report them to our Telegram Developer group We will reward you with your findings!

Need further help?

Join our developer community on Telegram: for technical discussions or feel free to send us an email to


Open sourcing has inarguably become a spirit and culture embraced by the blockchain and crypto communities. As such, Liquidity Network is gradually open source our code, which will additionally help to attract more developers in the blockchain field to join us in building off-chain ecosystems. Once again, we would like to thank our longtime community members who have been with us since the start and never lost faith in us. Open source is just a small and beginning step. Liquidity Network will continue to adhere to our principle of research orientation and work vigorously as a leader in off-chain scaling technology.

The future is yet to come. Let’s cheer this moment with Liquidity team!

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product.  Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.


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