TEX Testnet and it’s LQD Token Model

Dear Liquidity Community,

We’re excited to announce our first TEX testnet version, the world’s first non-custodial off-chain exchange engine. We’ve prepared a simple UI for you to try out. The TEX engine is planned to be openly available to any interested party that wants to run a Liquidity Network-powered exchange.

Try it out, it’s fresh out of the kitchen: https://tex.liquidity.network

To start testnet trading, you can follow these steps:

  1. On https://tex.liquidity.network, create a wallet
  2. Click on “Deposit & Withdrawal”.
  3. On the mobile app (Android, iOS), under “Settings” → “Hubs”, use the “Rinkeby testnet hub”. Get some Rinkeby testnet ETH (or swipe down to use our faucet in the mobile app). Scan the TEX QR code with the mobile app to fund your wallet. Feel free to ask in our Telegram group if you want us to send you testnet coins.
  4. On TEX, specify your limit order to buy or sell fLQD, and execute the order

The LQD token model and TEX 💳

Till today, we haven’t specified LQD’s use on our TEX exchange, and that’s changing now. We plan to apply a model similar to Binance’s using LQD:

  • Pay for any fees on TEX, including but not limited to exchange fees, withdraw fees, listing fees, and any other potential fee.
  • When LQD is used to pay for fees, we plan to apply a significant discount
    • 50% the 1st year
    • 25% the 2nd year
    • following years TBD
  • LQD is planned to be burned

The LQD Burn

Every quarter, we plan to destroy LQD based on the trading volume on TEX, our crypto-to-crypto platform, until we destroy 25% of the total LQD. All transactions will be transparently shown on the blockchain. We will eventually destroy 25M LQD, leaving 75M LQD of the total 100M LQD.

What are my benefits as a trader on a TEX-powered exchange? 🤗

TEX-powered exchanges provide many advantages:

  • KCC: Keep your coins in custody, always!
  • Opening, closing and canceling orders are free from gas and near-instant.
  • Matching or partially-matching orders is free from blockchain fees!
  • No front-running from other miners or traders!
  • Near instant trade settlement, keep trading.
  • Scalable to the same trading volume as centralized exchanges.

The TEX engine

We plan to provide the TEX engine to other exchange operators, and those can choose to incorporate LQD within their exchange operation. LQD can, therefore, experience additional utility, at the sole discretion of the future exchange operator.

Just like centralised exchanges, TEX does not require any blockchain transaction fees – that’s the power of Liquidity Network.

What is a fully off-chain exchange? 🚀

An exchange is typically constructed out of 2 components:

  1. an order book and
  2. a settlement layer

All existing DEX use the blockchain as a settlement layer. This makes settlements slow and expensive. TEX is the first fully off-chain exchange where the order book and the settlement layer are off-chain. We’re really excited to have pushed out this version just a few months after our academic writeup that you can find here: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/265. The paper contains the full protocol details and security proofs.

How can I build my Liquidity-powered exchange? 🏗️

Head over to https://docs.liquidity.network, and checkout how to use the Liquidity Network client. The client supports all features you need to build the exchange logic. If you have any questions, feel free to join our developer Telegram community under https://t.me/liquiditydevelopers, we’re there to help you.

Open Source ℹ️

In the spirit of decentralization and open participation, you can find our open source smart contracts here: https://github.com/liquidity-network/nocust-contracts-solidity

We welcome developers to join our developer community, whether on the smart contract, or application side!

The Liquidity mobile wallet can be downloaded from:

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.liquiditynetwork.wallet

iOS App:https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/liquidity-network-wallet/id1395924630?l=en&mt=8

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communications on liquidity.network and subscribe to our update emails. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

TEX 测试网和LQD代币模型


我们很高兴地宣布我们的第一个TEX 测试网版本。这是世界上第一个非监管的offchain交易引擎。 我们为您准备了一个简单的用户界面。 TEX引擎计划公开提供给任何想要运行流动性网络驱动的交易所的相关方。



1.在https://tex.liquidity.network 上,创建一个钱包

2.点击 “存款和提款”。(Deposit & Withdrawal)

3.在移动应用程序(Android,iOS)上的“设置”→“Hub”下,使用“Rinkebyhub #1”。 获取一些Rinkeby 测试网硬币fETH(或在移动应用程序中向下滑动以使用我们的水龙头)。 使用移动应用程序扫描TEX 的二维码充值您的钱包。 如果您希望我们向您发送测试网硬币,请随时在我们的电报群组中询问。


LQD代币模型和TEX 💳

直至今日,我们还没有在我们的TEX交易所指定LQD的应用模式。但是目前情况正在改变中。 我们计划把LQD的应用类似于币安的模型:

  • 支付TEX的任何费用,包括但不限于交换费,取款费,上市费和任何其他潜在费用。
  • 当LQD用于支付费用时,我们计划提供大幅折扣
    • 第一年50%
    • 第二年25%
    • 接下来的几年再定夺。
  • LQD计划被销毁

LQD 销毁计划

每个季度,我们计划根据TEX的交易量来销毁LQD,直到我们销毁LQD总量的25%为止。所有交易都将透明地显示在区块链上。我们最终将销毁二千五百万个 LQD,留下总量为一亿个 LQD中的七千五百万个 LQD。

在TEX做交易,对我有什么好处? 🤗


•               永远保管您的硬币!

•               开仓,关闭和取消订单不含gas费用和近乎即时的。

•               匹配或部分匹配的订单免收区块链费用!

•               没有其他矿工或贸易商的前线!

•               即时交易结算,持续交易。

•               可扩展到与集中化交易所相同的交易量。



就像集中化交易一样,TEX不需要任何区块链交易费用 – 这就是流动性网络的力量。

什么是全面offchain交易所? 🚀


•               订单和

•               结算层

目前所有的DEX都使用区块链作为结算层。这使结算变得缓慢而昂贵。 TEX是第一个全面offchain的交易所,其中订单簿和结算层是offchain的。我们非常高兴能在我们的学术写作的几个月后推出这个版本。您可以在这里查看全文https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/265 。本文包含完整的协议详细信息和安全性证明,

如何建立我的流动性交易所? 🏗️

前往https://docs.liquidity.network  ,并查看如何使用Liquidity Network客户端。客户端支持构建交换逻辑所需的所有功能。如果您有任何疑问,请随时加入https://t.me/liquiditydevelopers  下的开发者电报群组,我们随时为您提供帮助。

开源 ℹ️



Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.liquiditynetwork.wallet
iOS App:https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/liquidity-network-wallet/id1395924630?l=en&mt=8

免责声明:提及的时间表和路线图具体可能会有所变化。请查看我在https://liquidity.network 上的官方信息,并订阅我们的电子邮件更新。上传有一定延迟。此消息不是对流动网络,任何加密货币或投资产品的认可或推荐。本信息中包含的信息或任何意见均不构成创作者或参与者购买或出售任何证券或其他金融工具或提供任何投资建议或服务的招揽或要约。

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