The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing, and business – Issue 13

(Article in Chinese below)

Dear Liquidity Community,

Here it is: the 13th edition of the Liquidity Network newsletter! We cover technical, marketing, and community progress from the past few weeks. The last months were hectic, as the team was working energetically to launch the smart contract bug bounty program, revive the Canvas communities competition, announce the Liquidity Explorer, release the long-awaited TEX on testnet, add more details on our LQD token economy, and attend many conferences worldwide to promote Liquidity Network.

Technical Updates

Last quarter witnessed another great app from the Liquidity product team: Liquidity Explorer, an explorer for off-chain transactions within the Liquidity Network commit-chain. Head to to track metrics, such as hub uptime, total funds deposited, number of accounts, and more.

After many hard-working hours, the testnet TEX, the world’s first non-custodial off-chain exchange engine, was released 🚀 . TEX is the first fully off-chain exchange where the orderbook and the settlement layer are off-chain, while the trader keeps full custody of his or her assets. As a trader, you can obtain the following benefits when trading on a TEX-powered exchange:

  • KCC: Keep your coins in custody, always!
  • Opening, closing, and canceling orders are free from gas and near-instant.
  • Matching or partially-matching orders is free from blockchain fees!
  • No front-running from other miners or traders!
  • Near-instant trade settlement; keep trading.
  • Scalable to the same trading volume as centralized exchanges.

Together with the release of the orderbook, we have specified more on the role of LQD token on our TEX exchange. If LQD is employed to pay for any particular fee on the exchange, there will be a significant discount. Moreover, LQD eventually is planned to be burned up to 25M LQD, leaving 75M LQD of the total 100M LQD. More details can be found here.

Community, events & conferences

In the middle of May, we launched the new bounty on Gitcoin for developers who want to start with Liquidity, in order to create a Liquidity Burner, a fork of the awesome Burner wallet from Austin Griffith. Details about this bounty can be found here.

Soon after this bounty program, we brought back the Liquidity Canvas competition to encourage people to express their artistry and also to demonstrate the power of the Liquidity mobile wallet in offering near-instant and free-of-charge off-chain transactions. After three weeks, we have received many fantastic submissions and announced the winners of this competition here.

The winner of Liquidity Canvas Competition

As a follow-up activity after the open sourcing of our smart contracts, we have launched a bug-hunting program, where hunters can win up to $10,000 USD for finding security vulnerabilities 🐞 in Liquidity Network’s NOCUST smart contracts. The campaign is still ongoing; you can find the details here.

For meetups and event, on 13 June, Liquidity Network joined a meetup with two exciting projects in Singapore to discuss AI & Blockchain real-life applications. Then, from 24 to 26 June 2019, our team had the honor of being a platinum sponsor at the Crypto Valley Conference in Switzerland, where Arthur introduced our TEX exchange engine to the public for the first time. At the end of June, Guillaume presented NOCUST at the Ethereum Tech and Apps Conference in Beijing, which attracted significant attention from the Chinese developer community, and we have been receiving much positive feedback.

Tony presents NOCUST at Singapore meetup

Guillaume presents NOCUST at Beijing Conference

Arthur presents TEX at CVC, Zug

Our beautiful booth at CVC, Zug

We are hiring!

Are you excited to shape the future of non-custodial payments and exchanges? We are looking for new talents who want to be involved deeply in off-chain scaling technology. Details can be found on our website Join us!

Thank you for your continued support! Rest assured that your input and suggestions are always welcome. Follow us to participate in our upcoming launches and competitions. Exciting times are ahead!

Arthur and the Liquidity Team

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communications on and subscribe to our update emails. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.


这是第 13 期流动网络通讯!我们涵盖了过去几周的技术, 营销和社区进展。第二季度是积极而富有挑战性的。其中包括团队推出了 Liquidity Explorer, 在测试网(testnet)上发布了世界上第一个无信任的 off-chain TEX 交易所, 一个智能合约 bug 和漏洞提交奖赏计划, 重新启动了画布(Canvas)社区比赛, 并且发布了有关 LQD 代币应用的更多细节, 同时, 我们还参加了多个全球会议。


上个季度,我们发布了 Liquidity 产品团队的另一款优秀的应用:Liquidity Explorer。这是流动。网络内的 off-chain 交易预览器。请前往 去查看相关的状况,例如 Hub 的正常运行时间, 存入的资金总额, 帐户数量和其他相关的智讯。

经过了许久艰辛的工作时间,世界上第一个非监管 off-chain 测试网 TEX,终于被推出了。 TEX 是第一个完全 off-chain 的交易所。订单和结算层是 off-chain 的,而交易者保持对其资产的完 全保管。作为 TEX 的使用者,您可以获得在 TEX 交易币所交易时享受以下优惠:
• 永远保管您的代币!
• 开仓, 关闭和取消订单不含 gas 费用和近乎即时的。
• 匹配或部分匹配的订单免收区块链费用!
• 没有其他矿工或贸易商的前线!
• 近乎即时交易结算, 持续交易。
• 我们的设计可扩展到与中化交易所相同的交易量。

连同订单的发布, 我们已经锁定 LQD 在 TEX 中扮演的重要角色, 更多详细信息可以在这里找 到。

社区, 活动和会议

五月的中庸, 我们重启了 Liquidity 画布(Canvas)比赛以鼓励人们表达自己的艺术技巧, 同时也 展示了流动网络手机钱包所提供近乎即时和免费的 off-chain 交易。在比赛三周后, 我们收到 了许多精彩的参赛作品, 并且宣布本次比赛的获胜者。

我们推出了一个 bug 和漏洞提交奖赏计划, 您只要在流动性网络的 NOCUST 智能合约中找到安全漏洞, 就有机会赢得高达一万美元的奖金。该活动目前正在进行中, 您可以在这里找到详情

对于聚会和活动, 在 6 月 13 日, 流动网络连同其他两个项目在新加坡的聚会中讨论 AI 和区块链在现实生活中的应用。
在 2019 年 6 月 24 日至 26 日, 我们的团队成为瑞士山谷会议(Crypto Valley Conference)的白 金赞助商。在会议上, Arthur 向公众展示了我们的 TEX 引擎。 在 6 月底, Guillaume 也在北京 的以太坊技术和应用大会上展示了 NOCUST, 吸引了大量来自中国开发者社区的关注。从这会议中, 我们收到了很多正面的反馈。

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您是否很兴奋能够塑造非监管付款和交易的未来? 我们正在寻找希望深入参与 off-chain 扩展
技术的新人才。有关详细信息, 请访问 。 加入我们!

感谢您一如既往的支持! 请放心, 我们随时欢迎您的意见和建议。关注我们参加即将举行的发布会和比赛。 激动人心的时刻!

Arthur 和流动网络团队


提及的时间表和路线图具体可能会有所变化。请查看我在 上的官方信 息, 并订阅我们的电子邮件更新。上传有一定延迟。此消息不是对流动网络, 任何加密货币或 投资产品的认可或推荐。本信息中包含的信息或任何意见均不构成创作者或参与者购买或出售 任何证券或其他金融工具或提供任何投资建议或服务的招揽或要约。


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