The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business-Issue # 14

(Article in Chinese below)

Dear Liquidity Community,

We are super excited to share with you our newest updates in the 14th Edition of the Liquidity Network Newsletter. It’s been a while since our last newsletter, as our team has dedicated more time to work on technical developments, attending conferences around the world as part of raising publicity and organising new events to spread the waves of Liquidity around the world.

Transitioning from the end of quarter three 2019 into quarter four, our team has made major progress on TEX including fixing bugs, improving user experience and working on scaling, whilst awaiting approval from the Swiss regulator before launching it on the main network. In addition, a new UI for Liquidity Explorer is in progress. We are also proud to see that, Miqro, a new liquidity based app, was released. Moreover, we have been as active as ever in the conference space, attending conferences such as Scaling Bitcoin, Starkware sessions, Advances in Financial Technologies, sponsoring BDLT summer school and the UK Blockchain Meetup as part of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. 

Technical Updates


As you may know, TEX, the world’s first non-custodial off-chain exchange engine, has been running on the testnet for a while now and ready to be launched on the Ethereum mainnet. Our original plan was to launch it on mainnet by the end of quarter three but the launch was put on hold pending approval from FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market regulator), who needs further analysis to ensure regulatory compliance. Whilst awaiting approval, we have been continuously working on improving the performance and scalability of TEX, to ensure it matches the performance of centralized exchanges. You can test and experience TEX on Rinkeby test network here.

NOCUST Documentation

Striving towards a bigger ecosystem, we are excited to announce the first release of the official NOCUST specification. This specification will enable the community to build their own NOCUST implementation and remain compatible with each other. The current version only covers the NOCUST client. We plan to add the server and smart contract specifications later on. Check them out here. We are also working on improving our client software development kit (SDK) documentation, which can be found here.


We made additional progress simplifying the server protocol. Specifically, swap cancellation is now synchronous, hence there is no need to wait for server confirmation.  Furthermore, we’re exploring ways to optimize our server, such as relying on Rust implementation of core functionalities and cross-language bindings.

Liquidity Explorer

If you like our Liquidity Explorer, you will be thrilled to learn that our development team has been working on a new UI to improve the current user experience. We are planning to launch the new UI by the end of this quarter. Till then, you can access our Explorer here.


We are proud to introduce you to the release of Miqro, a Liquidity-based app developed by @JorOudejans. It offers a service to receive transactions easily based on payment link sharing through Liquidity Network. Sign-in with one of your social network accounts and connect your existing wallet, or simply create a new one. Voila! You’re ready to receive transactions through Miqro. See for yourselves! The testnet version is available here, and a short demo video can be viewed here.

Events and Conferences

Apart from making technical progress, we have been vigorously pushing for publicity and raising awareness. It has been a busy few months indeed, making our presence known at a variety of events worldwide.

BDLT summer school 2019

We were proud to be one of the platinum sponsors for the BDLT Blockchain Summer school (2nd – 5th September 2019) in Vienna, Austria. It was a great pleasure to help in making such a fantastic event possible. At this venue, we presented NOCUST on the 2nd of September, attracting lots of interest. Presentation slides can be found here. Moreover, we held a lightning talk on TEX’s innovative orderbook. We have also been striving to inspire the upcoming scientific community and gather fresh ideas and perspectives to make further improvements. Therefore, we organised a hackathon, where over 12 PhD students solved our hackathon challenge, by using our Liquidity SDK. Through this process, we learned about the strengths and areas of potential improvement for our SDK. We have promptly taken these ideas on board, integrated these potential improvements and are moving forward with the new release of the SDK.

Scaling Bitcoin 2019

In September, we spent a week in Tel Aviv, attending two conferences. First, we had a presentation at Scaling Bitcoin (11th -12th September in Tel Aviv, Israel) on the exciting topic of applying private information retrieval to lightweight bitcoin clients. Check out our presentation here.

Starkware Sessions 2019

Soon following the conclusion of Scaling Bitcoin, the Starkware Sessions (16th September) took the centre stage in Tel Aviv. There, we presented Liquidity Network and our work with zero-knowledge proofs. Watch our presentation on Front-Running Resilient Exchange Order-Book Using ZKP & Time-Lapse Crypto​ here.

Advances in Financial Technologies – AFT 2019

Another conference we participated in was the AFT (21st – 23rd October, Zurich Switzerland), where Arthur was a session chair for the conference and also gave a tutorial presentation on off-chain protocols. More information about the conference can be found here.

UK Blockchain Meetup 2019 and the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

We are constantly pushing for active involvement and contribution in the blockchain research community, as part of this, we attended the ACM CCS conference, and on the 14th of November, attended the 4th UK Blockchain Research Meetup where we were a sponsor. More details about the ACM CCS conference here.

Liquidity Retreat

Building an effective team is always on our agenda, hence in November, Liquidity team organised yet another team-building retreat in Cairo, Egypt. There we came together for a few days to work as a team in a fresh environment, discuss ideas, learn from each other and simply have fun.

Upcoming events for this quarter

Techfuze 2019

We plan to present Liquidity Network at Techfuze conference on the 13th and 14th of December in Cairo, Egypt. If you will be around, we would love to see you there. More details regarding the event, please check

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流动网络(Liquidity Network)在开发,市场营销和商业方面的更新



从2019年第三季度末至第四季度以来,我们的团队在TEX上取得了重大进展,包括修复bug、改善用户体验和扩大用户规模,同时等待瑞士监管机构的批准,然后在主网络上发布。此外,流动网络浏览器(Liquidity Explorer)的新UI正在开发中。我们也很自豪地看到,基于流动网络的新应用 Miqro 已经发布。此外,我们在各种会议上一如既往地活跃,参加了诸如比特币拓展(Scaling Bitcoin),Starkware Sessions会议和金融技术进展会议。我们还赞助了BDLT暑期学校和于ACM计算机和通信安全会议一部分的英国区块链聚会。



如您所知,作为全球第一个非托管链下交易系统的TEX已经在测试网上运行了一段时间,并已达到可在以太坊主网上发布的阶段 。最初, 我们的计划是在第三季度末在主网上启动TEX,但因我们还需等待FINMA(瑞士金融市场监管机构)的批准下来, 所以该计划现在被推迟了。于我们所知,该机构需对TEX做进一步分析以确保其合规性。 在等待批准的同时,我们一直在不断努力改善TEX的性能和可拓展性,以确保它与中心化交易所的性能相匹配。 现在您可以在这里 的Rinkeby测试网络上测试和体验TEX。


为了实现更大的生态系统,我们很高兴地公布了官方NOCUST规范的第一个版本。该规范将使社区能够实现构建自己的NOCUST并保持彼此兼容。当前版本仅涵盖NOCUST客户端。我们计划稍后添加服务器和智能合约规范。您在此处 可以查看。 我们还在努力改进客户端软件开发套件(SDK)文档,可在此处 找到该文档。




如果您喜欢我们的浏览器,您会很高兴得知我们的开发团队一直在开发新的UI来改善当前的用户体验。 我们计划在本季度末启动新的用户界面。 到那时,您可以在此处 访问我们的浏览器 。


我们很荣幸向您介绍近期发布的Miqro。Miqro是由@JorOudejans开发的基于流动网络的应用程序。它提供了一种基于流动网络支付链接共享的交易接收服务。您可使用您的任一个社交网络帐户登录并连接您现有的钱包,或直接创建一个新的钱包。如此,您即可通过Miqro接收交易了。您可在此处 获得testnet版本。您还可在 看到相关演示视频。


除了取得技术进展外,我们还大力推动宣传和用各种机会提高知名度。 过去忙碌的几个月,让我们的业务在全球各种活动中崭露头角。

2019 BDLT暑期学校

我们很荣幸成为奥地利维也纳BDLT区块链暑期学校(2019年9月2日至5日)的白金赞助商之一,很高兴能帮助举办如此精彩的活动。9月2日,我们于此会议中展示了NOCUST,引起了参会者的极大兴趣 ,您可以在 找到相关演示的幻灯片。此外,我们还就TEX的创新交易方式进行了简短的讨论。

我们也一直在努力激发来至科学界的最新观点,并收集新的想法,以进行对流动网络进一步的改进。我们组织了一次黑客马拉松,超过12名博士生通过使用流动网络SDK 解决了我们的黑客马拉松挑战。 通过这次马拉松,我们更深入了解到了我们SDK的潜在优势和可改进之处。我们很快采纳了这些主意和想法,整合了所有可改进之处,由此将推出SDK的最新版本。

Scaling Bitcoin 2019会议

9月,我们在特拉维夫度过了一个星期,参加了两次会议。 首先,9月11日至12日 我们在以色列特拉维夫比特币拓展会议(Scaling Bitcoin)上发表了有关将私有信息检索应用于轻量级比特币客户端的激动人心的主题的演讲。 您在这里  查看我们的演示。

Starkware Sessions 2019会议

在比特币拓展(Scaling Bitcoin)会议结束后不久, Starkware Sessions会议于9月16日占据了特拉维夫的中心舞台。在那里,我们介绍了流动网络以及零知识证明在流动网络的相关应用。在这里  您可以观看我们有关使用ZKP和延时加密的前端弹性交易的演示 。

金融技术进展会议-AFT 2019

我们参加的另一个会议是10月21日至23日在瑞士苏黎世举行的金融技术进展2019 (AFT2019)会议,Arthur在该会议上担任了会议主席,并公开演示了关于链下协议的教程。 有关会议的更多信息,请参见此处


我们一直在努力推动我们在区块链研究界的积极参与和贡献,为此,我们参加了ACM CCS会议,并于11月14日作为赞助者参加了第四届英国区块链研究会议。

更多关于ACM CCS会议的细节,请参见此处




Techfuze 2019

我们计划在12月13日至14日在埃及开罗举行的Techfuze会议上介绍展示流动网络。 如果您也在,我们会很乐意在那儿见到您。




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