The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business – Issue #15.

(Article in Chinese below)

Dear Liquidity Community,

In the joyful festival atmosphere here comes our Christmas present for you: our newsletter #15. This is the last one before we cross the bridge into 2020, which marks the conclusion of another exciting and productive year. As usual, we have been busy for the past few weeks, finalising the upcoming client version 2 of the NOCUST server, improving the performance and stability of TEX and finishing the new UI for Liquidity Explorer.

To make sure we are always in contact with our community, we participated in Techfuze Summit in Cairo. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet our community members in Egypt for the first time, answer queries and further promote Liquidity Network.

Technical updates

Our development team has been tirelessly working to improve our backend infrastructure. Fixing bugs and improving the user experience for both developers and our users.

New NOCUST Python Library

We have started to work on and made steady progress in rewriting the client library in Python. Soon you will be able to write a Liquidity Network Dapp in Python. The library will feature a full TEX support for your trading bots and others.

TEX frontend

We have also been working on improving our exchange engine TEX and adding more features. Now you can observe the trading volume for the last 24 hours and check the highest and lowest trading prices during that period. We also added order book decimal choices that allow users to change the number of decimals shown. We made some style fixes to the transaction history by adjusting the scientific annotation numbers and making them human-friendly.

NOCUST Documentation

We took significant steps in further improving the documentation of our smart contracts. We added a new page on our documentation website. On this page, we documented all public methods of the NOCUST smart-contracts. Check it here. Reminder: our smart-contracts are open source and freely available here.

Furthermore, we are currently working on the server protocol documentation. You can expect to see it available very soon. 


We have been tweaking the end-point of the upcoming version 2 of the NOCUST server API to make it more clear and simple to use. We did a lot of backend work such as cloud migration and improvements to our development setup. We added support for Sell-Buy, Buy-Sell and Buy-Buy orders, a new caching layer for off-chain data to speed up fetching of historic data, as well as  auto-withdrawal confirmation. There will be no need to make an additional on-chain transaction after the withdrawal clearing period.

We also fixed some major vulnerabilities on the server:

  • Fixed rounding issues that were causing inaccurate accounting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some down-time on the order-book endpoint with large number divisions.
  • Fixed a server bug that was preventing the proper credit of funds to the user, if the deposit happened during the last block of an EON. This will prevent any potential attack vectors from taking down the hub.

Liquidity Explorer

Our developers worked hard to finish updating the new UI for the Liquidity Explorer. We added features such as QR code scanner and on-chain balances. It’s now available to see the latest transactions with their data as well as the difference between transactions and swaps.

We have also expanded the search options. The search is now possible by wallet or token address as well as transaction ID and EON number.

Finally, we added a fourth hub called XCHF to the already-existing hubs (Mainnet, Limbo and Rinkeby).

The new explorer is available here.

Events, Conferences and Community

Techfuze 2019

We participated at Techfuze in Cairo, Egypt (13 -14th December). Since it was our first attendance at a conference in Egypt, we were very excited to meet with our community there. We organised a competition on our Facebook page to give away 10 free invitations for the summit.

In the photos you can see our team members by our display booth, striving to inform and inspire. We received keen interest from many people, who wanted to learn more about Liquidity Network. 

On 14th December we gave a talk on “scalable decentralized finance” which received positive feedback.

To see more about our engagement with the community during Techfuze, please follow us on Facebook.

For questions please join us on Telegram

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开发、市场与商务更新 – 发行 #15。


为确保我们始终与社区保持联系,我们参加了在开罗举行的Techfuze峰会。埃及峰会是一次绝佳的机会,让我们首次与埃及社区成员见面,回答大家的问题,进一步促进Liquidity Network。



新的NOCUST Python库

我们已经开始着手用Python重写客户端库,并取得了长足进步。很快你就可以用Python编写Liquidity Network 去中心化应用。该库将为交易机器人和其他内容提供完整的TEX支持。







  • 修正了导致账单不准确的四舍五入问题。
  • 修正了交易委托账本端点上出现大量分区而导致故障的问题。
  • 修正了一个服务器错误,如果在一个EON的最后一个区块存款,那么这个错误会导致用户无法正确计入资金。这样可以预防任何导致集线器崩溃的潜在攻击。


我们的开发人员全力升级了新的Liquidity 浏览器UI。我们增加了二维码扫描器和链上余额等功能。现在可以看到最新的交易及其数据,并可以区分交易和掉期。


Techfuze 2019

在照片中可以看到我们的团队成员站在展位旁,热情的介绍并鼓励大家参与。很多人都很感兴趣,他们想了解Liquidity Network的更多信息。




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