The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business – Issue #16

(Article below in Chinese)

Dear Liquidity Community,

We hope you had a fantastic start for 2020 and wish you a wonderful year ahead that brings you prosperity, joy and yet another chance to pursue your hopes and dreams.
Our team enjoyed some time off during Christmas and the new year, during which we reflected on the previous goals and started preparing and planning a brand new year full of more achievements.
We started our new year by improving our SDK and fixing bugs in the old versions as well as updating our NOCUST server to make it faster and more scalable.  As well, we are planning a new HummingBot connector for TEX. On the Marketing side, we are planning to attend several events this year to market Liquidity Network and meet our community members. The first Blockchain event we will attend this year will be at the end of January at TU Delft University in The Netherlands, where we’ll give the keynote speech. We’d also like to congratulate our community member TomAFrench for completing the Liquidity Burner bounty on Gitcoin.

Technical Updates


The NOCUST client version 4 now fully supports TEX. It now includes swap cancellation, several EON trade expiration and the possibility of making several trades across several pairs with a single account. The current version has improved performance and reliability over the last version. In addition to having fixed a dozen bugs over the 3 last weeks, we also adapted the client to accommodate the new optimised API of the NOCUST server. 
The major upcoming development for the NOCUST client is an abstracted approach to challenges. The user will not be required to detect and pick the specific challenge needed for a situation. The SDK is hence planned to offer a single challenge function to do the required work in any situation.


Over the last 2 weeks, most of the work on the NOCUST server was around refactoring our APIs to make them more lightweight and faster. The endpoints now serve only data that is strictly required by the client in an optimised way for its operation. We reduced the number of WebSocket messages to the strict minimum. We are now in a phase of extensive testing with the client. Note that the upcoming release of the NOCUST server is not backward compatible with the current client and is meant to work only with the client version 4.

New Bot Connector for TEX

We are planning to add a python connector to HummingBot for TEX. HummingBot is a popular open-source trading bot for cryptocurrencies, it is compatible with most major cryptocurrency exchanges and Liquidity Network’s TEX is planned to soon be one of them. HummingBot enables you to implement and automate a trading strategy. If you are not technical, or you don’t want to code your own strategy, you could use existing strategies from the vibrant HummingBot community. We are planning to open accordingly a Pull Request on HummingBot.

Events, Conferences and Community

Third Annual Delft Blockchain Symposium

We are excited to announce our participation at another Blockchain event that will take place at TU Delft in the Netherlands on 30th January. We will present the keynote speech on “Maleficence in Traditional and Blockchain based Financial Exchanges”. We are looking forward to meeting our community members who will be attending this event. You can find more details regarding the event here.


We would like to congratulate TomAFrench for completing the Liquidity Burner bounty on Gitcoin. The bounty consisted in forking the burner wallet to add Liquidity payment support. The wallet supports commit-chain transfers in LQD and ETH plus deposits and withdrawals. You can find it here. You can also find the open-source code here. For his amazing work, Tom was rewarded 10.53 Ether. Congratulations Tom!

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Liquidity Network开发、营销和业务更新-第16期


新年伊始,我们改进了SDK,修复了旧版本中的bug,并更新了NOCUST服务器,现在服务器更快、更具扩展性。此外,我们正在为TEX公司研制新HummingBot。在市场推广方面,我们计划今年参加更多的活动,推广Liquidity Network,并与社区成员见面。今年我们的第一次区块链活动将于1月底在荷兰代尔夫特理工大学举行,届时我们将发表主题演讲。我们也要恭喜社区成员TomAFrench获得了Gitcoin的Liquidity Burner奖励。







我们正在为TEX的HummingBot添加一个python连接器。HummingBot是当下流行的加密货币开源交易程序,它可以兼任大多数主要的加密货币交易所,Liquidity Network的TEX即将成为其中之一。有了HummingBot,你就可以在TEX上实现和自动化交易策略。如果你不是技术人员,或者你不想为自己的策略编写代码,你可以使用来自繁荣的HummingBot社区中已有的策略。
一旦TEX正式上线,我们计划在HummingBot上打开一个Pull Request。





我们要祝贺TomAFrench完成了Gitcoin上的Liquidity Burner奖励项目 。奖金来自于将burner wallet分叉,用于支持Liquidity支付。该钱包支持LQD和ETH plus存取的承诺链转账。点击这里查看。点击这里查看开源代码。由于他的出色工作,Tom获得了10.53 Ether的奖金。恭喜你Tom!



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