The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business – Issue #19.

(Article in Chinese below)

Dear Liquidity Community,
With the continuous lockdown in many cities worldwide, we hope you are all safe and healthy wherever you are and making use of this time for self-development and improvement.
With the start of the second quarter in 2020, we continue to update our servers, fix bugs and make sure that everything is compatible with NOCUST version 2.0. We continue to update our mobile app and added a new feature. You will be pleased to learn that we published version 4.0 of the NOCUST client. Recently, we also took part in the first virtual Ethereum meetup which was a new exciting experience.

Technical updates


We have been working on delegated withdrawals on the NOCUST server. This will allow users to make withdrawals without having to pay any gas fees. It simply means that wallets will be able to operate without owning any on-chain ether. This feature is currently available as an end-point on the server, and we plan to add mobile support as a next step. 
We also refactored our deployment strategy to be cleaner and allow for faster continuous testing. This was achieved by revamping our internal CI/CD and running it on a different platform to improve its performance and stability.
We also finished the preparation of the database migration scripts for NOCUST server 2.0. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, this will be simpler and more stable to use and will allow TEX to scale and provide all the APIs to operate it.
Furthermore, we added some test cases server-side to ensure further data integrity of TEX. 


We published version 4.0 of the NOCUST-client on npm, available here. We currently operate one hub which is compatible with the new version. If you are interested to build on it, you can simply get in touch with us on Liquidity developers Telegram group
We also fixed a client library bug which wasn’t allowing the deposit function to return anything. However, according to the documentation, it should have been returning a promise. 

Liquidity Wallet

We added a new feature “hold to reveal” for the mobile wallet that will offer you more security. Now you have to press and hold in order to display the seed phrase on your mobile app as shown in the pictures below. In case you want to have a quick look at your seed phrase while someone is standing close to you, you can make sure that your passphrase is safe.

Liquidity Explorer

We added NOCUST 2.0 support for the Liquidity explorer, you can check it here.

Roadmap Updates – Decentralization First

With the community’s relentless help, we have achieved a functional blockchain platform. To the best of our knowledge, we were the first team to run an off-chain payment hub system based on NOCUST. Furthermore, we have technically extended NOCUST to support off-chain swaps (named TEX), the basic building block for an off-chain exchange.TEX is active and live on the testnet.  

Decentralization is the keyword for our next milestones. It was always part of our core values to develop open source software and we plan to enable our community to operate their own NOCUST and TEX hubs. This is the only way forward, here is the open sourcing of the components we have been working on. Your support and participation enables the Liquidity Network to grow more decentralized on many existing fronts: development, operations and usages. 

Our next planned personal milestones are the development of NOCUST 2.0 with some new or adapted features like delegated withdrawal, unified timestamp and auto confirmation of withdrawals. Furthermore, we plan to work on some performance improvements and stability fixes. This includes removing websocket hacks, refactoring the notification system, eliminating dead code, adding a caching system for each end-point, using bulk variables to fetch data from the smart contract and correcting matched amounts on the API endpoint.

Finally, we plan to make our developed components open source. This will include NOCUST 2.0 and TEX, the JavaScript NOCUST 2.0 client library and the NOCUST 2.0/TEX server. In addition, we are proud to make the React Native mobile app for both Android and iOS and the Liquidity Network Explorer with the recovery tool open source. We are convinced that the community will benefit from our work. Importantly, we remain open to partnering with interested parties as this would significantly foster the decentralized nature of the Liquidity Network and we plan to continue operating NOCUST payment hubs ourselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in operating a payment hub or an off-chain exchange; we will be happy to help.

Events, Conferences and Community

The First Ethereum Meetup

Since all events and gatherings have been cancelled for the safety of the community during the Covid-19 crisis, now is the perfect time to try other alternatives such as virtual meetings. We were excited to take part in the first Ethereum virtual meetup. The meetup was hosted on AltspaceVR. Each virtual character represented a person that took part in the meeting. As you can see some of them appearing in the photos below. There were some interesting virtual talks that we enjoyed and we are looking forward to participating in more similar events in the future.

We are hiring!

Do you want to be part of the global Liquidity Network team and shape the future of crypto payments? We are looking for:
Q & A Engineer. (
Send us your application to with your CV and a few lines explaining why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network.

For questions please join us on Telegram
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DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emails. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

Liquidity Network开发、营销和业务更新-第19期.

伴随着2020年第二季度的开始,我们将继续更新服务器,修复bug,并确保所有内容均可兼容NOCUST 2.0。我们将继续更新我们的手机端应用,并增加了一个新功能。你会很开心地发现我们成功发布了NOCUST客户端4.0版本。最近,我们还参加了第一次虚拟以太坊聚会,这是一次令人兴奋的全新体验。



我们还完成了用于NOCUST服务器2.0的数据库迁移脚本的准备工作。正如在之前的资讯中提到的, TEX使用将会变得更简单、更稳定, TEX可进行扩展并提供所有所需的操作api。




我们为移动钱包增加了一个新功能“hold to reveal”,可提供更好的安全性。现在你必须按下并按住才能在移动应用上显示助记词,如下图所示。当你想快速看一下助记词,但却有人站在你旁边时,这样科二确保密码安全。


我们让Liquidity浏览器支持NOCUST 2.0,可点击这里查看。

路线图更新 – 去中心化优先



我们下一个规划的里程碑是开发NOCUST 2.0,加入了一些新的或调整后的功能,如授权提取、统一时间戳和自动确认提取。此外,我们计划进行一些性能改进和稳定性修复。包括删除websocket攻击、重构通知系统、消除死代码、为每个端点添加缓存系统、使用批量变量从智能合约获取数据以及纠正API端点上匹配的数量。

最后,我们计划开源我们开发的组件,包括NOCUST 2.0和TEX, JavaScript NOCUST 2.0客户端库和NOCUST 2.0/TEX服务器。此外,我们很自豪地为Android和iOS开发了React Native移动应用,并使用恢复工具开源开发了Liquidity Network Explorer。我们深信社区可从我们的工作中获益。重要的是,我们仍然愿意与相关方合作,因为这将极大地促进Liquidity网络的去中心化,我们计划继续自己运营NOCUST支付中心。如果你有兴趣运营支付中心或链下交易所,请随时与我们联系;我们很乐意帮忙。





你想成为全球Liquidity Network团队的一员,并塑造加密支付的未来吗?我们正在招募:
Q & A工程师。(


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