The Liquidity Network Update – Issue #21

(Article in Chinese below)

Dear Liquidity Community,

We hope that you are getting through this period safely and in good health despite the prevalent global pandemic. During the past few weeks, we have managed to deploy version 2 of the NOCUST server on the mainnet. We also fixed withdrawal and challenge fees on the NOCUST client. Our mobile wallet app was upgraded to version NOCUST 2.0, whilst we have removed the old hubs and fixed transaction and deposit issues on the mobile application. We are proud to announce the open sourcing of the core technology we have been working on during the last few years. With this last step our concept paper roadmap has been completed. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for your unwavering support.

As we go forward we hope that we can count on your continued support as we are soon planning to announce a new competition for the community. We hope you will enjoy it as much as the previous ones, stay tuned to know when we plan to announce it. Moreover, we’ve just launched a hub operator donation program, in which we plan to incentivize hub operators to operate a liquidity network hub and mobile app. Check it out, the application deadline is on the 1st of August already!

Technical Updates


After months of improvement, we have successfully deployed NOCUST version 2.0 hub on mainnet, you can check it here. Following the migration of our services and improving documentation on the server, we carried out a lot of testing to make sure that everything is working properly. We also updated most dependencies including web3py on the server.


We merged the Pull Request, to allow full support for challenges in the NOCUST client version 2, as well as fixing the withdrawal and challenge fees for high gas price transactions as the NOCUST client was underpaying when gas price was more than 5 Gwei. Our team fixed a major bug on the proof of exclusive allotment calculation as the client server was not calculating the checksum of transfers properly leading to some withdrawal failing. Now, we are running a new Rinkeby archive node. If anyone in the community needs Ethereum nodes running on Geth for Mainnet or Rinkeby please get in touch with us. We are planning to support you as much as we can.

NOCUST Contracts

We have verified the NOCUST contracts source code on Etherscan allowing you to directly read and call the contract. This is not to be overlooked because it is an additional third party application that allows you to secure your NOCUST account and also initiate withdrawals. It makes the watchtower tool redundant and is completely independent from Liquidity Network, therefore pushing decentralization further. Interacting directly with the contract on Etherscan is a bit technical but with the help of the Swagger API documentation and NOCUST Specs you can easily figure out the appropriate contract function parameters. 

Liquidity Mobile Wallet

We upgraded the mobile app to version NOCUST 2.0 and removed the old version 1 hubs from the configuration. We fixed the deposits for ERC20 tokens on the mobile app. We now pipe the approval for ERC20 transactions with the deposit if not enough token allowance is available to the NOCUST contract. Further, a bug was fixed on the redux store version 2 migration script and adjusted the gas slider to allow it to send on-chain transactions up to 50 Gwei given the current high Ethereum gas prices. NOCUST transactions that were sometimes showing “unknown dates” are now successfully fixed. Finally, we streamlined rollouts allowing to make app releases more swiftly. 

Open Sourcing / Completion of our Concept Paper / Outlook

We are more than happy to announce the open sourcing of the core technology we’ve been working on during the past years. This is a great day for the Liquidity Network community, allowing this community-run project to grow further and contribute to the off-chain layer 2 blockchain space in general. The open sourcing of this software further corresponds to the finalization of the goals in the concept paper. More than two years and many man-hours and volumes of code later, the open source software is available under a permissive open source license, to allow contributions from any developer on Ethereum or any other blockchain. We particularly invite related off-chain protocols, such as Plasma, to share the experience of running and operating layer 2 infrastructure.

The relevant open source repositories can be found on github:

Smart Contracts:
Hub server:
Client library:
TEX front-end:
Mobile wallet:
Watchtower/dashboard/recovery tool:

As decentralization was always our keyword, we would love to see our community operating their own NOCUST hubs. Moving forward and as a next step, we plan to implement a donation program to those of you who plan to offer and maintain their own NOCUST hub. For further information please check our Hub Operator Donation Program or get in touch with us. An exciting time awaits us, and we are looking forward to further decentralising our developed technology with you.

Events, Conferences and Community

We are hiring!

Do you want to be part of the global Liquidity Network team and shape the future of crypto payments? Send us your application to with your CV and a few lines explaining why you would be a good fit for Liquidity.Network and what your vision is.

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DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emails. There is a lag on uploads. This message is not an endorsement or recommendation for Liquidity Network, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this message constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

Liquidity Network更新-第21期。


在疫情肆虐全球的情况下,我们希望大家能够下安全、健康地度过这一艰难时期。在过去的几周 里,我们功地在主网上部署了NOCUST服务器第二版,也修复了NOCUST客户端的提款和挑战费用。我们的移动钱包应用程序升级到了NOCUST版本 2.0,同时我们删除了移动应用上的旧 hub并修复了交易和存款问题。


继续向前走,希望大家继续支持我们,因为我们即将宣布在社区内举办一场新的比赛。希望你们 会像以前一样喜欢这个活动,请继续关注我们宣布的比赛时间。另外,我们刚推出了 hub运营者捐赠项目 ,我们计划激励hub运营者运营liquidity网络hub和移动应用。请查看,申请截止日期是8月1日!



经过几个月的改进,我们已经成功地在主网上部署了NOCUST版本 2.0 hub,可点击这里查看。在服务迁移和服务器文档改进之后,我们进行了大量测试,确保一切工作正常。我们还更新了大部分依赖项,包括服务器上的web3py。


我们合并了拉取请求,可以在NOCUST客户端版本2中完全支持挑战,并修复了高燃料价格交易的提取和挑战费用,因为之前当燃料超过5 Gwei时,NOCUST客户端会少付。我们团队修复了在专属分配计算证明上的一个重要错误,其为客户端服务器没有正确计算传输校验而会导致的提取失败。现在,我们运行一个新的Rinkeby归档节点。如果社区中有人需要在Geth上运行的以太坊节点,请与我们联系。我们将尽力支持你们。


我们已经在Etherscan上验证了NOCUST合约源代码,你可以直接读取和调用合同。这是不可忽视的,因为它是一个额外的第三方应用,可让你保护NOCUST帐户的安全,也可以发起取款。它让瞭望台工具变得多余,完全独立于Liquidity网络,进一步推动了去中心化。在Etherscan上直接与合约交互具有一定的技术性,但是有了Swagger API文档和NOCUST规范的帮助,你可以轻松地算出正确的合约函数参数。


我们将移动应用升级到了版本NOCUST 2.0,并从旧版本1的配置中删除了hub。我们修复了手机应用上的ERC20通证预存。如果NOCUST合约中没有足够的通证额度,现在我们可以用预存批准ERC20交易。此外,修正了redux store版本2迁移脚本中的bug,并调整了燃料滑块,让它可以在当前高的以太坊燃料价格的情况下发送最高达50 Gwei的链上交易。NOCUST交易有时候显示“未知日期”的错误已被成功修复。最后,我们简化了发布流程,让应用发布更加快速。

开源 / 我们完成了概念书/ 展望




因为去中心化一直是我们的关键词,我们很乐意看到我们的社区运行自己的NOCUST hub。下一步,我们计划为想提供和维护自己的NOCUST hub的人提供捐赠项目。如需更多资料,请查看我们的Hub运营商捐赠项目或与我们联系。激动人心的时刻正在等待着我们,期待与大家一起,让我们已开发的技术更加去中心化。



你想成为全球Liquidity Network团队的一员,并塑造加密支付的未来吗?将申请发送到,附上简历和适合Liquidity.Network的原因,以及你的愿景。


免责声明:文中所述的时间表和路线图详细信息或将更改。请在liquidity.network上查看我们的官方信息,并订阅我们的更新通知邮件。上传时存在延迟。本信息并非是Liquidity Network、任何加密货币或投资产品的背书或推荐。本信息中包含的信息或意见均不构成创建人或参与人买卖证券或其他任何金融工具或提供任何投资建议或服务的邀请或要约。


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