Announcing the #4 Community Competition Winners

Thank you Liquidity's Chinese community! Over the past 2 weeks many of you have supported us by participating in the #4 Community Competition. We have been amazed and fascinated by many creative stickers and GIFs receiving on our WeChat groups. The Liquidity team have excitedly viewed all submissions and now announced the winners! The Winner … Continue reading Announcing the #4 Community Competition Winners

Recap of Liquidity Network’s AMA with TokenGazer

Hello Liquidity Community and friends of the Liquidity Network, yesterday (13 December 2018) our COO, Guillaume Felley, conducted an AMA with TokenGazer via WeChat. Chinese community impressed us with many enthusiastic questions  in a full hour! We appreciated all the intelligent questions and please stay tuned for future AMA announcements! For those who missed the … Continue reading Recap of Liquidity Network’s AMA with TokenGazer

Announcing the #2 Community Competition Winner

Such pretty locations! Over the past week many of you have let us know where in the world you are by entering the Liquidity Network #2 Community Competition. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and giving us an insight to the worldwide reach of Liquidity Network. We have … Continue reading Announcing the #2 Community Competition Winner

Announcing the #LiquidityWinner

Over the past week and a half more than 7’000 likes and retweets have been collected for our top ten Liquidity.Canvas finalists! We carefully followed the voting process and are now excited to announce the winners! #LiquidityWinner The #LiquidityWinner In order to decide the winner of our 1st Community Competition, we asked you to like … Continue reading Announcing the #LiquidityWinner