Announcing the #3 Community Competition Winners

Over the past 2 weeks many of you have let us know what you think about us by entering the Liquidity Network #3 Community Competition. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and share your insights to your Facebook friends. We have been amazed and fascinated by the diversity … Continue reading Announcing the #3 Community Competition Winners

Mainnet Service Level Agreement Guide

After having released our LQD token, and an unrestricted mainnet on, we would like to share how to make use of the LQD to benefit from unlimited off-chain transactions. Our mainnet restricts an address to do 10 transactions within 36 hours. By purchasing a service level agreement (SLA) of a value of 1 LQD, … Continue reading Mainnet Service Level Agreement Guide

Liquidity Network #Challenges

Liquidity Network are sponsoring The Future of Blockchain University competition for developers and entrepreneurs and will be offering the following challenges. While the crypto markets take a tumble and speculators reach for their tin hats, here at Liquidity Network we continue to build and we want YOU to join us! Collaboration equates to progression and we … Continue reading Liquidity Network #Challenges

Liquidity Network Listing Announcement

October 22, 3pm CEST the LQD token is listed on LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges Dear Community, The long awaited day of token distribution arrived and we are excited to announce that the LQD token will be tradable starting from October 22, 3pm CEST on the LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges. Listing on LATOKEN and Hotbit LATOKEN and … Continue reading Liquidity Network Listing Announcement

Unrestricted Off-Chain Mainnet Transfers + ERC 20 Support

Unrestricted Mainnet Transfers & ERC20 support We have a new mainnet version of the Liquidity Network hub up and running under The new mainnet version offers two important new features: Unrestricted transaction amounts for off-chain assets Off-chain ERC20 support Specifically, billfold supports currently the unrestricted transfers of: ETH/Liquid ETH LQD/Liquid LQD Token Usage LQD is … Continue reading Unrestricted Off-Chain Mainnet Transfers + ERC 20 Support