Liquidity Network Listing Announcement

October 22, 3pm CEST the LQD token is listed on LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges Dear Community, The long awaited day of token distribution arrived and we are excited to announce that the LQD token will be tradable starting from October 22, 3pm CEST on the LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges. Listing on LATOKEN and Hotbit LATOKEN and … Continue reading Liquidity Network Listing Announcement

Unrestricted Off-Chain Mainnet Transfers + ERC 20 Support

Unrestricted Mainnet Transfers & ERC20 support We have a new mainnet version of the Liquidity Network hub up and running under The new mainnet version offers two important new features: Unrestricted transaction amounts for off-chain assets Off-chain ERC20 support Specifically, billfold supports currently the unrestricted transfers of: ETH/Liquid ETH LQD/Liquid LQD Token Usage LQD is … Continue reading Unrestricted Off-Chain Mainnet Transfers + ERC 20 Support

Launching Liquidity SDK at ETH San Francisco

And some ideas on how to make the most of it Liquidity SDK is live! The anticipation for ETH San Francisco is gaining momentum at Liquidity HQ and we can’t wait any longer to announce the launch of our SDK 🚀 Some of the features developers can find in Liquidity’s SDK are full wallet management, invoice generation, … Continue reading Launching Liquidity SDK at ETH San Francisco


Draw 1 Pixel for 1 Wei, with Off-Chain Payments Canvas There’re millions of possibilities for dApps utilizing Liquidity off-chain payments. Here’s one that already works: 1 Pixel costs 1 Wei (10^-18 ETH). Paid off-chain in Liquid ETH, which does not incur any gas costs. How to Draw The first step is to get Liquid ETH. There … Continue reading Canvas.Liquidity.Network

Liquidity.Network Mobile App on Mainnet

Easy Gas Free Ether Transfers Liquidity.Network Mobile App on Mainnet About two weeks after the Mainnet Web Wallet, we release the Mainnet Mobile App for the Google Playstore. Here’s how the mobile app looks like after opening a wallet: The Liquidity.Network Mobile App. Hit the “Get some free wei” button and it will ship you 100 free … Continue reading Liquidity.Network Mobile App on Mainnet

Liquidity Network and Plasma

We welcome all efforts to scale open and decentralized blockchains! TLDR—Is Liquidity Plasma? Is Ethereum (no UTXO) considered to be Bitcoin (UTXO)? No. Is Bitcoin Cash considered to be Bitcoin? No, although technically near equal. Is everything with a Merkle Tree Plasma? Blockchains would be a “flavor” of Plasma if we were to continue down … Continue reading Liquidity Network and Plasma

Liquidity.Network Token Model

The Liquidity.Network will issue an ERC20 token that is to be used as an integral part of the off-chain ecosystem. This article explains the goals and the motivation of the Liquid (LQD) tokens. Goals of the Liquidity.Network Our goal is to build an open network that allows decentralized blockchains to scale through leveraging secure off-chain … Continue reading Liquidity.Network Token Model