#5 Community Competition


Dear Community members,Due to the increasing time we spend indoors during this difficult period, many of us may be looking for an opportunity to do something fun and creative in the comfort and safety of our own homes. Here we present you a fantastic opportunity to unleash your inner creativity and contribute to the community … Continue reading #5 Community Competition


The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business - Issue 8

Issue 8 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 30th November 2018. 中文版。 Dear Community, This fortnight we bring you the 8th edition of the Liquidity Network newsletter and will cover technical, marketing and community progress from the past two weeks. As the festive period approaches the focus for the team is to build and improve the … Continue reading The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business - Issue 8

Liquidity Network #Challenges

Liquidity Network are sponsoring The Future of Blockchain University competition for developers and entrepreneurs and will be offering the following challenges. While the crypto markets take a tumble and speculators reach for their tin hats, here at Liquidity Network we continue to build and we want YOU to join us! Collaboration equates to progression and we … Continue reading Liquidity Network #Challenges

Announcing the #LiquidityWinner

Over the past week and a half more than 7’000 likes and retweets have been collected for our top ten Liquidity.Canvas finalists! We carefully followed the voting process and are now excited to announce the winners! #LiquidityWinner The #LiquidityWinner In order to decide the winner of our 1st Community Competition, we asked you to like … Continue reading Announcing the #LiquidityWinner

#1 Community Competition Poll

You have 10 days to like and retweet your #LiquidityWinner — the voting period will end on Thursday, 30th of August at 14:00 GMT and the winner will be announced shortly after. #LiquidityWinner Vote Note: Only retweet and like the top ten canvases posted by @liquiditynet — all other retweets and likes will not be counted. Last week saw … Continue reading #1 Community Competition Poll

End of the #1 Community Competition

End of the #1 Community Competition The Canvas.Liquidity.Network competition has come to its end. In the next five days the Liquidity Network team will post the top 10 picks for you to like and retweet — the artwork with the greatest number of unique likes and retweets will be announced the winner of the competition to receive … Continue reading End of the #1 Community Competition

#1 Community Competition

Draw 1 Pixel for 1 Wei and Win up to 3000 LQD #1 Community Competition Go to Canvas.Liquidity.Network, draw pixels and pay with Liquid ETH. Then share your masterpiece on Twitter using hashtags #NoWei #LiquidityNet and send us a private message at @liquiditynet with your ETH wallet address. Experience free, almost instant, off-chain transactions for … Continue reading #1 Community Competition