#1 Community Competition Poll

You have 10 days to like and retweet your #LiquidityWinner — the voting period will end on Thursday, 30th of August at 14:00 GMT and the winner will be announced shortly after. #LiquidityWinner Vote Note: Only retweet and like the top ten canvases posted by @liquiditynet — all other retweets and likes will not be counted. Last week saw … Continue reading #1 Community Competition Poll


End of the #1 Community Competition

End of the #1 Community Competition The Canvas.Liquidity.Network competition has come to its end. In the next five days the Liquidity Network team will post the top 10 picks for you to like and retweet — the artwork with the greatest number of unique likes and retweets will be announced the winner of the competition to receive … Continue reading End of the #1 Community Competition

#1 Community Competition

Draw 1 Pixel for 1 Wei and Win up to 3000 LQD #1 Community Competition Go to Canvas.Liquidity.Network, draw pixels and pay with Liquid ETH. Then share your masterpiece on Twitter using hashtags #NoWei #LiquidityNet and send us a private message at @liquiditynet with your ETH wallet address. Experience free, almost instant, off-chain transactions for … Continue reading #1 Community Competition