Mainnet Service Level Agreement Guide

After having released our LQD token, and an unrestricted mainnet on, we would like to share how to make use of the LQD to benefit from unlimited off-chain transactions. Our mainnet restricts an address to do 100 transactions within 36 hours. By purchasing a service level agreement (SLA) of a value of 1 LQD, … Continue reading Mainnet Service Level Agreement Guide


We’re very happy to announce the Liquidity.Network,

In brief, we’ve designed and implemented a protocol which allows the operation of off-chain payment hubs that securely connect multiple users together under one umbrella, such that locked collateral is orders of magnitude more transferrable. Users may register with a hub to deposit, transfer and withdraw money with their off-chain accounts. Our protocol guarantees that … Continue reading We’re very happy to announce the Liquidity.Network,