Liquidity.Network Token Model

The Liquidity.Network will issue an ERC20 token that is to be used as an integral part of the off-chain ecosystem. This article explains the goals and the motivation of the Liquid (LQD) tokens. Goals of the Liquidity.Network Our goal is to build an open network that allows decentralized blockchains to scale through leveraging secure off-chain … Continue reading Liquidity.Network Token Model


N-party payment hubs-A glimpse

Intro We previously released a blog post about payment channels and their usability within the context of an off-chain payment network. In this blog post we will introduce the advantages and contributions of the concept we have been working hard to develop for the past few months, secure off-chain n-party payment hubs. We will discuss … Continue reading N-party payment hubs-A glimpse

Payment-Channel Networks

Drawbacks and Limitations Introduction Payment channel hubs have already started to form using two-way payment channels in the Lightning Testnet for Bitcoin. The current off-chain scalability solutions, however, ensure correct operations by arming all participants with the means to economically penalize each other in case of misbehavior. This fashion of design is somewhat akin to … Continue reading Payment-Channel Networks

The Collateral Management Challenge in Payment Channels—and one sight of light

There are many challenges to operating an instant transaction network as a service on top of a blockchain. From a business perspective, one of the critical issues is the collateral lock-up required to transport payments. Essentially, to maintain a trustless network, a provider that wishes to maintain a payment service usable by some set of … Continue reading The Collateral Management Challenge in Payment Channels—and one sight of light