The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business - Issue 9

Issue 9 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 20th December 2018. 中文版。 Dear Community, With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching we are excited to share Issue 9 of our community newsletter. In it, we will cover the most important and interesting current updates encompassing all areas of development and community progression while also taking … Continue reading The Liquidity Network update on development, marketing and business - Issue 9

Recap of Liquidity Network’s AMA with TokenGazer

Hello Liquidity Community and friends of the Liquidity Network, yesterday (13 December 2018) our COO, Guillaume Felley, conducted an AMA with TokenGazer via WeChat. Chinese community impressed us with many enthusiastic questions  in a full hour! We appreciated all the intelligent questions and please stay tuned for future AMA announcements! For those who missed the … Continue reading Recap of Liquidity Network’s AMA with TokenGazer

Announcing the #3 Community Competition Winners

Over the past 2 weeks many of you have let us know what you think about us by entering the Liquidity Network #3 Community Competition. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and share your insights to your Facebook friends. We have been amazed and fascinated by the diversity … Continue reading Announcing the #3 Community Competition Winners

#1 Community Competition

Draw 1 Pixel for 1 Wei and Win up to 3000 LQD #1 Community Competition Go to Canvas.Liquidity.Network, draw pixels and pay with Liquid ETH. Then share your masterpiece on Twitter using hashtags #NoWei #LiquidityNet and send us a private message at @liquiditynet with your ETH wallet address. Experience free, almost instant, off-chain transactions for … Continue reading #1 Community Competition


Draw 1 Pixel for 1 Wei, with Off-Chain Payments Canvas There’re millions of possibilities for dApps utilizing Liquidity off-chain payments. Here’s one that already works: 1 Pixel costs 1 Wei (10^-18 ETH). Paid off-chain in Liquid ETH, which does not incur any gas costs. How to Draw The first step is to get Liquid ETH. There … Continue reading Canvas.Liquidity.Network