Unrestricted Off-Chain Mainnet Transfers + ERC 20 Support

Unrestricted Mainnet Transfers & ERC20 support

We have a new mainnet version of the Liquidity Network hub up and running under https://billfold.liquidity.network

The new mainnet version offers two important new features:

  • Unrestricted transaction amounts for off-chain assets
  • Off-chain ERC20 support

Specifically, billfold supports currently the unrestricted transfers of:

  • ETH/Liquid ETH
  • LQD/Liquid LQD

Token Usage

LQD is a payment and utility token within the Liquidity Network that can be used as a means of payment to purchase service level agreements.

Service Level Agreements

A vanilla wallet can perform up to 10 transactions at zero-gas fees within 36 hours. If you’d like to increase the number of transactions, you can do so by purchasing an SLA.

An SLA can be purchased with 1 LQD, and enables the unlimited amount of zero-fee liquid transactions for the duration of 1 month. The purchase is conducted by transferring LQD off-chain, after hitting the purchase button on the screenshot below. Our SLA doesn’t depend on the transaction amounts and therefore offers the freedom to execute nano- as well as bigger transactions.

Purchase of a Liquidity Network SLA with 1 LQD/month.

We’re excited to receive your feedback regarding the new unrestricted and ERC20 enabled mainnet version. Many more features are to come, stay tuned.

We’re honored to push the boundaries of non-custodial payment systems forward, and thank everyone for their continuous support.


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